Sunday, 4 October 2009

Doing OK

Hi Guys. Thank you for all the offers of tea, shopping and laundry. If I'm ever in America (where most of you live) I'll never be short of a cuppa! Seriously, your support means a great deal to me.

I've been eating pretty well since Wednesday.
200g diet yoghurt + banana + 2 cups 40 cal choc drink with instant coffee added
Fish in parsley sauce + veg + 1 choc drink + Galaxy chocolate bar (48g?)
Fish pie + veg + salad + 1 choc drink

The chocolate bar was left over from my mega binge on Tuesday - I had two left over from that night and ate one on Wed and one Thurs. A miracle I didn't scoff them both for breakfast on Wed - that's what normally happens with any left over binge food. Eating them after a meal with tons of veg meant that it didn't tip my blood sugar off.

Fri: as Thurs except no chocolate bar and 1 extra cup choc drink. Pissed off I had so much choc drink, but I was really fighting the urge to binge in the afternoon. The only thing which stopped me going to the shop and buying the bag of rubbish was the fact that I couldn't face having to write here that I had another bad binge. So accountability does work!

Walked to a supermarket in town in the evening - easy on the way there but very difficult carrying heavy bags on the way back. All that veg weighs a lot more than cakes and chocolate etc.

200g diet yoghurt + banana + 2 choc drink with instant coffee
Fish in parsley sauce + veg + choc drink
Binge: 1 bowl porridge (35g oats) with sultanas and honey + banana + choc drink
Fish pie + veg + salad + Ribena Really Light made with hot water

In the evening, before my last meal, I walked 15 mins to a different supermarket in the out of town direction and walked back the long route round the houses which took about half an hour. I really struggled on the way back even though I only had one bag but managed to only stop once for a few moments. I felt so pissed off that I am so unhealthy. Ridiculous at my age to struggle with such a short walk, especially when I was walking 1 1/2 hours several times a week earlier in the year.

I am also really pissed off about that mini binge. I ate it because I had been fiddling for ages trying to get some software downloaded and it was really difficult and frustrating so in anger and tiredness with it all I binged. I ate the porridge because it was already cooked - I had cooked it Wed morning and then decided against it (a first - normally I can't cook porridge and not eat it) - and made the mistake of putting it in the fridge. I should have chucked it because I wouldn't have eaten any porridge on Sat if I'd had to cook it. That 6 minutes of preparation time would have ensured it didn't happen. I know in terms of calories it was still a good day, but I had intended to go a few days with no cereals at all.

And it could have been a whole load worse. After the supermarket I went to a nearby Tesco Express - ostensibly looking for some fish or fish pie. It was a nightmare in there! This was 9pm at night and they close at 11 but they seemed to have a mass of freshly baked donuts, brownies, muffins, pastries etc. The smell filled the whole shop. Why do that so late at night? But they wouldn't do it unless they were going to sell them so I can only guess that people already well refreshed and going from the pub to the clubs in town probably call in there on the way and buy some carbs to absorb some of the alcohol.

I know from experience that I can't manage more than one food shop in a day - my will power tends to collapse the more food choices I am faced with. I wandered around the shop for about 3 minutes looking at so many possibilities but amazingly I made it out of there without buying anything. The thought of how miserable I'd feel to fail yet again stopped me from doing it.

I woke up about 9 and felt really "off" and like I needed an alcoholic drink - very unusual for me to have a hankering for alcohol. I decided as I was feeling so ropey to go for it and I had my favourite tipple of Ameretto and white rum - only a very small amount - with 2 pieces of crystallised ginger. Then I went back to bed. When I woke up I found I had a big, gurgling cough - the type which threatens to sit on your chest for quite a while. This explains the need for alcohol - I find I often need a tot when I'm fighting something like that.

200g yoghurt with some sultanas on top + 3/4 banana + 2 choc drinks with coffee
200g yoghurt with sultanas sprinkled on top + another 3/4 banana + 1 choc drink
Eve meal: Fish in parsley sauce (sorry to be boring!) + veg + salad + 1 large Worcester apple + 2 small pieces crystallised ginger. Ribena RL and 1 choc drink

I think I had a lighter food day today because of being a bit unwell so I just didn't feel like eating anything heavy earlier on.

So I've had 5 pretty good days. Cutting out cereals ('cept that one bowl) has really calmed my blood sugar down. I haven't been waking up with the carb monster raging and the usual struggle to even wait for the porridge to cook, so my breakfasts have been very light.

The first few days I was quite stressed out with all the prep and cooking and having to do plenty of shopping because I don't have a large enough fridge to store many days veg in. I've calmed down about it now and feel more on top of it. Hearing about the prep that many other bloggers are doing to make sure they have healthy food at the ready has helped (eg escape from obesity and Losing Waist). And having to get out to the supermarket is very good for me both in terms of agoraphobia (although I'm only managing it in the evenings) and exercise.

Yesterday after my binge and all those dreadful thoughts at the supermarket I really didn't think I would carry on with this way of eating. I felt confused. I've had no desire to eat the usual bowl after bowl of cereal and porridge but I'm still quite uncertain about my eating at this point; as to how sustainable it is - can I really keep this up? I've felt so wobbly in myself about it that I've been unable to set any goals or commit to anything which has been really annoying when everyone else is doing "The Hot 100"!

Earlier this year I successfully dieted for 3 months eating The Hay Way - separating carbs and protein, and I ate that way for most of 2007. It was one of the best years I've had in many years; I lost weight and I felt good about my appearance the whole year. My eating went to pot in December 2007 because I had a breakdown of course - due to a combination of psychoanalysis, which I have heartily regretted doing ever since, and trying to reconnect with my father as a part of that - and being rejected yet again. I've been in chaos in my head and with my eating ever since then and put on a huge amount of weight. Apart from 4 bursts of dieting (the longest of which was the 3 months this year) I have been in no routine with my eating at all. The times when I've been dieting, and therefore eating in a regular pattern are the times when I've felt much better psychologically. But which way round is it? Eating in a restrictive regular pattern makes me feel better or I feel better so I can eat like that? I think it's a mixture of both.

So I may go back to eating The Hay Way again as this has been sustainable in the past, but for the moment strangely enough, cereals just seem like so many unnecessary calories - not to mention blood sugar issues. I'm just going to have to continue feeling my way along, not just one day at a time, but one meal at a time.

Finally, thanks to Leslie and Amy for each giving me an Over The Top Award! I'll answer all the questions in my next post and possibly even think of a few people to pass it on to.


  1. I just gave you that award as well!

    I hope with all my heart that you find your way.

  2. I won't pretend that I know which way to eat is the best way, because I am hooked on carbohydrates as well. They are my main calorie intake right now. I'd like to eat differently, but it is hard because of my gastric band. It keeps me from eating fresh vegetables and fruits. I've gained 2 kilos over the last month or so and I'm going back to drinking a protein drink mixed with low fat milk. The chocolate flavor satisfies the craving I have for that and it fills me sufficiently. I will do that until I have lost enough weight to satisfy me. Good luck with your diet. It sounds very healthy and sensible and I applaud you. I wish I could do the same.

  3. If I didn't live 12000 miles away I'd have a coffee with you and we could go to the supermarket, too! Keep it up, Bearfriend. I'm applauding you as well.

  4. I wish you didn't live so far away. I'd love to walk with you. I have a very hard time with carbs./sweets. Prep. is the hardest for me, I just can't handle it. I've never had success actually loosing the weight, except when I was in High School and at 1 meal a day, at night time a small broiled piece of meal, a cup of veggies and a diet soda. It is a wonder I didn't get sick. No wonder it came back on and more of it. This time I gave in, I swore I never would, and joined Jenny Craig, where they provide all the food, except the veggies and fruits and milk. I have been doing it a month and I've lost 15 pounds. I have to say, I love the food and have not been hungry once. Of course I know I can't do this forever and on some level I have to deal with the emotional aspect of my eating, cause it is there. Several years ago, a nutritionist made a list of other things I could do, when I felt a feeding frenzy coming on. It just wasn't the same. But onward I go, and so are you. Don't feel bad about the binge, it is over, it will happen again at some point, but the big picture is is that your overall eating is healthy and your sticking with it. I'm proud of you.
    Your current plan does sound very healthy.

  5. I am all about sustanability and having an eating plan that will carry you not only through the weight loss phase but the maintenance phase as well.

    One thing I really like about what you are doing now is that you are incorporating a lot of natural foods. That's something that even if you change the ratio of proteins to carbs that you can continue.

    I'm not familiar with the Hay Way of dieting, but it sounds as though it really made you feel good and healthy.

    I'm thinking of you, and am proud of all your accomplishments. It's a testimony to your self awareness that you can fight the urge to binge and know where your trigger points are.

    Take care,

  6. Yes, accountability helps! That's what I muttered to myself when you noted that you didn't binge because you didn't want to report it here. Remarkable how a bunch of essential strangers can help each other so much.

    Thanks for sharing a little more about your past and trying (unsuccessfully) to reconnect with your father. That must be terribly painful to have living relatives with whom you are unable to communicate.

    Interesting you mentioned food prep - I just posted about that today, having done it this past weekend for the first time in forever. I wish I could send a care package to you! You sound good - definitely getting out more, making better food choices, and just continuing to put one foot in front of the other, literally and figuratively.

    You are moving toward the light, Bearfriend...I feel it.

  7. Going to the grocery store is so hard!!! I always stand outside and give myself a little pep talk before I go in. There are so many bad things to choose from! Forgive yourself for the binge, and try to move forward!

  8. Friend of Bear-- Del is right, don't be so hard on yourself. You've recognized. You've acknowledged the binge and you were accountable for it--right here on this blog. So you get BROWNIE points for that--sorry for the chocolate/brownie reference. I have the same struggles as you do when it comes to chocolate. I wish I had some great advice. All I can say is I'm here for you...

    Today is a new day.... today we will make good choices.


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