Thursday, 17 December 2009

Still ill

Hi Folks. Thanks for all your well wishes. I really thought I was almost better a few days ago but this thing has flared up again and it's actually worse now than last week.

Over the weekend I was very done in and frustrated with still not being able to get out and get walking. But I was patient and took it easy. I walked to the supermarket and back on Saturday but stayed in Sunday. I went to see my healer on Monday and made it up the hill without a problem. I had a great day Tuesday with tons of energy and getting a load of jobs done around the house. I had far more energy that day than at any time in the last 6 months. It was weird. But that night I started with a bad sore throat and by the next morning I was full of cold. Then last night things got worse. When I got into bed I had the most severe earache I've ever had in my left ear. It radiated to the left half of my head. It was so bad I was actually frightened. Then I was aching all over. It was a bad night.

I've spent much of the last 24 hours crying. I have really had enough.

I know it's stupid to get so upset. It will go away SOMETIME. But it looks like it'll be another week. And I've already been ill for 2 weeks. It is grinding me down.

I had to cancel a meeting today with the lady who helps me get out.

I am sick and tired of feeling like SHIT!

Sorry I can't write more but I am feeling too bad.


  1. I'm so sorry you feel this bad! I've read lots of bloggers talking about feeling like death, starting to get better and then relapsing, so I think its the way this horrible lurgy plays out - no consolation, I know. Stay warm and look after yourself won't you? I'm thinking of you, hoping your ear is better and the other aches and pains pass quickly.

  2. My sister has been sick like this with a bug that she picked up in Japan. She couldn't get better and finally developed an ear infection for which she got antibiotics. I think she is doing better now, but it took weeks for her to get over it. Maybe you better go see a doctor. My sister thought her ear was better when it wasn't at all. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon. Stay tucked in.

  3. Sounds like you've got some really nasty flu/cold thing there. Hang in there and (this sounds harsh but I dont mean it to be...) try not to get upset because crying just gets your blood pressure up and you'll end up feeling much worse. *hugs*

  4. You poor dear! I have been in the ER with an ear infection before so I know how you feel. Take good care and hopefully it will go away SOON!

  5. you poor girl, there is so much of this about, I hear of so many times of the recovery/relapse syndrome. It is typical of swine flu:o( And to have earache on top of it all, I am not surprised you cried. I think earache is one of the worst pains ever. I hope you are feeling better very soon.

    Thank you for your help and advice, I had a better sleep last night, not perfect but better.

    Big Hugs


  6. Uhhhggg! My friend, I sincerely hope this comment finds you feeling better real soon!

    My best always

  7. I'm sorry you feel so bad. Earache is the pits. Good advice above - keep warm and look after yourself, get plenty of sleep. I guess you just have to wait it out. Good luck.

  8. Hi Bearfriend,

    I'm so sorry you're still fighting this illness. An earache is one of the more painful things people can experience. Do you think you may need an antibiotic?

    I'm glad you have the good sense to just surrender to this and rest. Fighting it will make it take longer to go away. I totally understand your frustration, as after one better day with the knee, it was much worse the next day. It's really getting to me to be so unable to function at my usual level. We will both get better - hopefully sooner than later! Talk to you soon!

  9. I hope you start feeling better soon. Take care of yourself, drink lots of fluids and get rest. Sending you some virtual chicken soup.

  10. Poor you.... *hugs* Hope you start to feel a LOT better very soon...

    Patsy x

  11. Bearfriend... so sorry that crud is still with you. Please try and not to upset yourself. Be patient. Sounds like you may have over did it and relapsed. I hear that cold/flu is just awful. It's the worse headache.My grandkids have all had it and they've gotten ear infections. Is it possible to go to the doctor? Just in case you need antibiotics? At least have your ears checked out.

    I hope you feel better soon. [here is a virtual cup of warm tea with honey and lemon, and imagine a good rub down with Viciks...] at least that's what my mom would do with me... I suffered phnemonia many times. Feel better friend.

  12. Sounds as if you are fighting something very nasty there. Hang in there, and work on getting better real soon! Take extra good care of yourself, and have patience. Easier said than done I know when you've already been feeling ill for so long.

    Sending healing hugs your way-

  13. So sorry youre still ill :(

    Sending well thoughts your way!

  14. You are in my thoughts tonight Bearfriend. I'm sick myself right now and it just is so miserable and frustrating to not be yourself.

    Please, please take it easy, rest a lot, and drink fluids. You may need to see a doctor because it sounds like it may have settled into a secondary infection.

    Take care,

  15. So sorry you have been so unwell for so long. Take care. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  16. So sorry to hear you're still sick!! I'll be praying that this mess clears up very soon. I know you want to get back to your walking! :)

  17. Just thinking about you and wanted you to know. Hope you are feeling better...

  18. hello dear i felt myself sitting along you picking up your tears and hugging you tight,i remembered my earache some years back i could not sleep for almost three nights and cried lot nothing was giving relief it left me by its own will,i think you should go for checkup and take it serious oldies advise to sit i n sunlight for while as light can spy in,thinking of you and praying that god may give you relief from it soon.take great care healthy life god bless you


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