Saturday, 6 February 2010

Saturday afternoon on the High Street

Hi folks. I managed to get out into town on my own and took a load of photographs to share with you. I have been attempting to do this all week - and failed. Finally, success!

For this post I have concentrated on the High Street. I decided to start at the Guildhall. A sign informed me that this hall has been here for 800 years but the front was added at the end of the 16th century. (That annoying blur is a person)
Looking opposite it is a building as pretty as a chocolate box which is appropriate as Thorntons is a chocolate shop - no, I didn't go in! The shop fronts here are Victorian, but for the upper storeys, on the left is an old merchant's house (date 16th century or earlier) and on the right is a slice of classical elegance (18th century).

The upper storeys here are very early. And the two gables have shown a tendency to collapse towards one another - hence the two metal rods which are holding them apart! 
Highly decorated upper storeys with painted woodwork, leaded light windows and a very cute balcony with a run of Gothic arches. These two buildings are sandwiched in by two modern brick buildings which are plain but in scale.  
Showing the upper storeys jutting out over the High Street. 

Further down the High Street I couldn't resist snapping a few pretty shop windows. A display of bags.

And a peak inside the shop at all the pretties!

Embellishment is still with us it seems. I hardly know what's current as I haven't taken part in fashion for what feels like quite a long time. At the back is a heavily embroidered tunic dress. The band under the bust on the front dress is made up entirely of seed beads.

My eating continues to improve. I have bought no chocolate for over a week now - I'm off chocolate! I have eaten plenty of chicken (I bought 2 ready cooked rotisserie chicken for 97p each!) and veg and salad. I am virtually gluten free, eating ground rice porridge with chopped prunes for breakfast. For my evening meal tonight I have haddock, plenty of veg and mashed potato. So good progress!

I also have a Happy Blogger Award from Alan at Fools Fitness for which I have to think up 10 things that make me happy.

Ten things that make me happy right now:

1) Eating clean

2) Taking remotely in focus photos

3) Wallace and Grommit - right this moment I'm watching The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. It happens to be one of the Bear's favourites! He particularly likes Lady Tottington because he loves a bit of upper class totty.

4) Noticing how beautiful the place I live is since trying to capture it on camera.

5) Thinking about my lace making again - I WILL get some photos done

6) Meeting up with the Bear in town (even though he's always in such a bad mood)

7) Reading what all my blogging friends are up to

8) Visiting my healer

9) Looking at my recently dyed red hair in the mirror 

10) The satisfaction of finally getting a post up!

 Thanks Alan!


  1. I love Wallace and Grommit, too! They're so very funny. Way to go on the being chocolate-free. I've managed to get coffee-free, switching to green tea, but chocolate continues to be a weakness.

  2. Bearfriend, way to go! Out and about again and in daylight too. You are really making great progress, your agoraphobia is getting firmly pushed into the background. And fab photos, you have inspired me to dig out my camera and start clicking again myself. I just love the old buildings, something we don't have here, reminded me of the time I spent living in the UK in my younger days. Love the girly stuff too, I love beads and bags and fabrics.

  3. Anyone who loves Wallace and Grommit are just too cool. It gives me so much pleasure knowing you're out and about. That phone camera was a good purchase. I love your pictures. There is so much history. I would go crazy with my camera.

    Rice pouridge with prunes. I don't know what pouridge is... my only reference is Goldylocks and the Three Bears... or was that curds and whey? Anyways, good for you for walking pass that chocolate shop and not having any. You get a big ol congratulations. Don't think I would have walked on by.

    Thanks for mentioning your hair color. It's a little easier to picture you.

  4. Lovely pics, thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm glad you're out and about taking photographs and such good ones too. It really gives a good idea of the town you live in. I'm also glad that you were able to come up with 10 things to be happy about. I also like Wallace and Grommit. The animation and the stories are great. I like the fact that they're so fond of cheddar, which I wouldn't mind a piece of right now.

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  7. What gorgeous buildings! Some day I plan on seeing them in the brick and stone! I know I've said it before, but you take great photos, I hope you keep enjoying it and sharing them!
    Well done on being off chocolate, I've tried that a few times and always fall after about 3 days... I'm such a wimp!
    I love Wallace & Gromit too... The Were-Rabbit especially!

  8. Great photo's :o)
    Good for you getting out and about and resisting chocolate, you are getting stronger on all fronts.

    Wallace & Gromit can't fail to make us smile, ittook me a while to watch them but now I love them.

    Hope you are having a great Sunday.

    Bear hugs


  9. thanks for such graceful and pretty photos you have talent to explore and expose the beauty of things old places have lots of stories to tell and it makes them so attractive ,really glad to know that you have so many things to be happy about ,looking at you in the mirror and feeling happy is most beautiful thing dear try to collect your own recent pics those will be great help too,leaving chocolate is not a big deal but sticking with the decision is great achievement,congrats that you did it have a blessed life take care

  10. Glad you're continuing to venture out into the light. And good work on clean eating - it does indeed make one feel better, and dare I say happy!

  11. Beautiful pictures. I love architecture and gorgeous things. Great job!

  12. I'm so glad you are getting out with your camera. I LOVE the photos. My favorite is the one of Thornton's.

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Makes me crave traveling.
    BODA weight loss

  14. Thanks for those wonderful pictures. Those buildings look really pretty. Glad you said no to chocolate. Good for you...

    And a big, big, biiiggggg Congrats to you on your award. You deserved it.

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  15. I love wallace and gromit curse - as well. Really nice photos of interesting architecture!

  16. I think it's safe to say that chocolate is a bad thing, can be, but better than booze?

  17. WOnderful :)
    I really wish I could travel to different countries/cities like you do. I believe that there is so much to see. And i'm afraid i can't accomplish it all up before I leave this world:( Nice photos:)

  18. WAY.TO.GO!! :) you are rocken, and your photos are lovely. Thank you for stopping in to say hi and support me. I really appreciate all your comments!


  19. Lovely photos - is the clothes shop Monsoon? Love their stuff, although the past couple of seasons have had some 'experimental' (ie unwearable!) clothing in their ranges... I also love L'Occitane - can't get enough of their verbena range! (And me a Lush girl, normally!)

    Would love to see you with red hair, but understand the anonymity aspect of your blog. Did you see my mishap with red hair dye on my blog a while back? It's faded completely now and I'm back to my usual strawberry blonde!

    Hope all is well with you. :o)

  20. BearFriend,

    Lovely to have you back in Blog Ville! I love accessorise - they always have the most beautiful windows :)

    Freshly dyed hair? That calls for a photo surely? I can never resist taking 50 photos every time I get re-redded :)

    Hope you are well xx

  21. Great list!:-) I love Wallace and Grommit too. What's not to love about them really??
    Great pictures. It makes me wish I could be there and take my own personal tour, so thank you so much for sharing the sights with us.
    And keep up the great work. On your eating, venturing out, and all. You're doing great!!
    And you gave up chocolate?? For real?? I AM impressed.


  22. hello dear i hope you are in blessings of dear god take care


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