Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Edge of the city walk ... and a few chips :(

Hi Friends. I've got out every day so far this week! On Monday I got a couple of jobs done in town, then I met up with the Bear. He was straight to the fish and chip shop of course. He got large chips and battered sausage and we each got a tea and went to sit in a park. "Eat the rest of these chips before they go cold" he said and I did, damn it :(

We went on a bit of a walk after that - along the path I showed you in the last post and through the uni grounds.

On Tue I did my laundry and hoovering and then went into town for another errand. I met the Bear again and we went to the pub (the converted chapel) and had tea. Luckily (!) he was in too bad a mood to eat anything so I escaped the dreaded chip shop.

That's the thing - I'd never go into a chip shop on my own. I would never buy myself fish and chips. It's only when I'm with the Bear and have to watch him eating it, that chips start moving in my direction (ok ok I'm not claiming involuntary movement here. Well maybe.)

Today I accompanied Mrs Bear to the dentist - only the seventh (or is it eighth? but whose counting) visit in the last 3 months. She is done now, we hope. Then I did another errand in town and got to pottery for about 3pm. I did 2 hours there - finishing a vase, glazing my candle holder and working on the pinch pot for my healer. Then I went to a cafe. I used to love going to cafes on my own and just watching people go by and reading a book or the newspaper. But these days I feel quite stressed in there and don't enjoy it.

I want to enjoy it again.

I don't feel stressed in a cafe with the Bear of course. I can go anywhere with him. I have some sort of special protection when he's there. It's called Love - my love for him. It's strange that this one way love makes me feel so safe - you'd think I'd need some reciprocation.

Continuing my walk (and just let me know when you've seen enough trees) ....

Just behind me was this and an opening onto a path
Then a track

Then out onto this field
Which has views to Dartmoor in the distance
Someone was having a bonfire in the valley
Walking along to the top of the field (and a sudden shot of sunshine)
These houses have amazing views
I walked next down the road on which those houses are on - but didn't feel comfortable taking photos of private houses. I took the one below of someone's hedge - beautiful combination of blossom and berries - and I felt guilty even doing that!
The end of that road peters out into a farmer's track
A border from someone's garden that spills onto the track

Looking up the track from this point
Continuing down in evening sunshine

A curious tree!

The track comes out onto one of the main roads into town 
To be continued next time (if you can bear anymore).

Hope your week is going well so far.

Bearfriend xx 


  1. I love your pics! they make me want to travel.

  2. ...Hi Bearfriend! Lovely pics of your walk. I like that all that lovely green countryside is walking distance from your place. Whereas for me, I live in the 'burbs, 15min from Perth city, so have to drive at least 40mins to get to the nearest bush. Even then, its dry aussie bush, and only lush green in winter. Its great that you can still maintain a good friendship with your ex, the Bear.

  3. Oh my, I'd love to live near walking tracks like that. Here it's just farms and all privately owned, so you can't walk across the fields. The only place to walk is on the side of the road. There's no footpaths so you're at the mercy of farmboys speeding by in their trucks. Not exactly a walking-friendly environment!

    Not sick of the photos, keep 'em coming!

  4. what a lovely track, i would enjoy walking it

  5. Okay bearfriend. I'm so envious. First, it sounds like heaven having a cup of tea, or eating fish and chips and then taking a walk in the countryside. You're so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty. Really, my area is so urban and crime ridden. I'd give anything to live in space like yours.

    Also what is Dartmoor?

    It pleases me to no end knowing that you're out and about--every day and please, take pictures of your pottery. It sounds lovely.

    Looking forward to more pics. Are these pictures taken with your cell phone? If so, what kind of cell phone do you have? Pictures are really nice.

  6. I can never have too many of your pic's, helps me to remember where i used to live :)

  7. If we can 'bear' anymore? heehee. I for one certainly can bearfriend :)

  8. Such beautiful terrain! I'll never get tired of your pictures. Glad you're getting out in the therapeutic sunshine.

  9. Beautiful photos - so glad you're getting out and about!

    I have to be really careful with potatoes because of my insulin resistence - it's definitely the worst food (apart from pure sugar!) for me and I would struggle to stop at just a few chips!

  10. Wow, aren't trees wonderful!!! Just found your blog, new follower here, check mine out!

  11. Hi Bearfriend,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's wonderful to know that my thoughts resonate with others.

    And thanks for the beautiful pictures, as always! I've got to go back to visit England again one day!

  12. This is so beautiful. I would love to walk on that track some day. Great shots.

  13. Beautiful pics ty for sharing, what a wonderful walk so pretty x x

  14. Thanks for the laugh today, Bearfriend! :D
    (re: comment on my blog)

    I would love to go walking there ... what beautiful scenery. Post as man pics as you like, please!

  15. So much greenery. I love all the photos. First one is the best. These photos remind me the areas
    of Mirpur Kashmir.

    Ibn Hanif

  16. Glad that you are a nature lover.

    So we are able to enjoy so much online trips of your surroundings.

    I forgot to say thanks in my previous comment.
    So thank you, Thank you very much.

    Ibn Hanif

  17. I love walking with you via the photos. Wish it could be in person because the places you walk to are so beautiful!

  18. Ello ello again :) ive left a litle award on my blog for you

  19. I have an award for you too! And those are wonderful pictures!


  20. My goodness girl, such beautiful scenery...I'll never tire of looking at your beautiful photos...but warms my heart even more is that YOU are the one out WALKING and taking the pics YOURSELF!! You've made such progress in leaving your house and exercising since we first "met" just makes me smile from ear to ear. :)


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