Friday, 4 September 2009


Caution: I am aware that we are under a full moon tonight. If you are feeling bad at the moment then please DO NOT READ ON. I am not writing this post with the intention of making anyone else feel bad, but just for myself and to let you know how things really are in my life.

So tired today. Got a migraine trembling on the edge. Thing behind the eyes going on and headache. No doubt carb induced. Been going on for hours now and I don't know if it's going to go full blown or not. About 10 years ago I used to get them regularly and would be in bed for 3-4 days with a bad one. But since then I've had probably no more than a handful and probably only one full blown.

I am feeling wrecked. Total wreckage.

Needless to say I didn't make it to healing as I haven't been out today.

Part of this exhaustion is because I was out for quite a few hours yesterday. And part is a carb hangover. I have just eaten totally to excess the last 3 days. I am aching all over from it. I have eaten so much that the food is coming out the other end only partially digested (no laxatives involved). I will never feel the same way about muesli again ...

I had to go out because I had an appointment with my CPN. She was glad to hear that I haven't been suicidal since our last meeting 2 weeks ago. That meeting was with the head of the psychotherapy department to see what they might be able to offer me. I told them I had been seriously suicidal in the previous few weeks of bingeing hell. I actually contacted Dignitas, the Swiss euthanasia clinic, after reading their website to see if they could help me. They do offer their services for people who are not terminally ill, and have in the past helped people with mental illness to kill themselves. But under Swiss law they need to have it signed off by a psychiatrist and currently they don't have anyone working with them who can do this. The return email said I should keep in touch in case the situation changes.

I thought about Dignitas because it is a safe way to kill yourself ie you are guaranteed to die. The only thing that stops me doing it myself is the high chance of ending up damaged or disabled rather than dead, guns not being readily available in this country.

When I told The Bear about my emailing them he said it was a waste of money and I could save the estimated 7,000 pounds and kill myself for free! I hasten to add that most of the money does not go to Dignitas themselves but is legal, mortuary, post mortem, cremation, etc fees. There's a hell of a lot of paperwork when someone goes through this process.

I really admire the the spirit of Dignitas. To give people the freedom to make their own choice in a safe humane way. Their work is brave indeed and I am very grateful that they are there. They face continual battles to keep the service going and I hope they will keep on with it.

Meanwhile, re the therapy, I have already, over the years, had psychodynamic therapy, cognitive analytic therapy, and psychoanalysis. So now the nice lady is offering me a programme of group therapy plus individual therapy. I can honestly say that therapy has never helped me at all to date and I'm not desperately keen to do anymore. But what else is there? I can't do ADs due to side effects so this is all that's on offer. There is nothing else.

This is why I was suicidal recently. Because I can see no way forward from here.

I suppose since that meeting - which ended simply with a decision to meet again at the therapy department in three months time - I have felt there might be something in the future. But I don't know.

I know some will say this is evidence that I shouldn't take my own life as things may improve. But I have been in this hell for so long already. I can't see that my life will ever be worth living.

I hasten to add that I'm not suicidal right now - which may be due, in part, to the 5-HTP I am taking, as well as the (very) faint possibility that some treatment in the future may make a difference.

Re food: The really frustrating thing is that I know my body wants, indeed is crying out for veg, salad, fish and fruit. Yet I still can't eat it for some reason. I am listening to my body - well I could hardly miss it as it's screaming at me - but I'm unable to respond in the appropriate manner. Why am I so unable to take care of myself?

BTW Sorry my formatting collapsed in the previous post. I pressed a wrong button and couldn't undo it no matter how hard I tried.


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling so low. Sending positive thoughts and virtual hugs your way. I hope the depression lifts. I wish you could make yourself feed yourself better, I'm sure it would make a difference. Maybe soon.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling so awful lately. I don't often feel suicidal, but am prone to depressions and they last a week or so usually, so I know a tiny bit of how bad you've been feeling. I also used to suffer from week-long migraines, though that stopped some years ago for me, and that too was usually accompanied with depression, nausea and a feeling of hopelessness as it seemed the pain just wouldn't stop. My migraines used to happen most months, and thankfully stopped when I changed contraceptives...
    I'm rambling because I don't have any practical suggestions to offer, just sympathy, virtual hugs, and lots of assurances that people care about you and want to help, if only they could think of a way.

  3. (((HUGS)))

    Here is a big one for you!! I really hope and will praay for you to overcome this that is controlling you and making you feel so defeated..It is really sad and hate to hear that you are feeling this way and so hope you get the help you are looking for!!

  4. Killing yourself isn't the answer. Mywife told me about this post---and I had to come over...
    I don't know you personally, I don't know or pretend to know your pain. All I have is mine---but please listen to me:
    I spent nearly 20 years at or above 500 pounds. I was miserable...felt worthless...felt completely hopeless. You have the power to change it all, you really do.
    I wish I could somehow transfer what I know into your body my friend. Your words here sadden me deeply. But you gave fair warning, and I kept reading...because I care about people.
    Let go of these suicidal thoughts---don't let them control you, please listen...

    If you need some personal advice on losing weight in very simple, easy to understand and implement terms---then contact me asap by e-mail:

    I'll do anything I can for you because you deserve to break free and live. You really do. There's a happy person inside you dying to get out, I know there is...
    Let me help you find them and pull them out.
    I can't guarantee that what I say, if you ask for it, will be like flipping a switch, but I do promise to uncomplicate the motions. As far as the emotions go...My only qualifications there are dealing with my own.

    please live.

    Sean Anderson

  5. I have felt this way before and I understand how very hard it can be. How hopeless it can all feel. My deepest wish for you is that you don't give up and cling to whatever hope that you have. I do believe that feelings can change and things can get better. I know I've come from very low, dark places, back to semi-normal again. I just hope and pray that you don't give up on yourself. Your a beautiful person, inside and out and have a lot to offer to so many people. Just the comments you left on my blog, spoke directly to my heart and helped more than you know.

    I so hope you get the help that you need, maybe this time it will work. I hate therapy too, but I'm giving it another try for myself and for my weight loss. A huge risk for me, but so far, so good.

    Sending love and hugs your way.

  6. Listen to Sean. Contact him. He is a great guy and a great help. I wish I could give you some words of happiness, but I have none.

  7. Dear Friend -

    Do you have friends and/or family close by? It sounds like this is not a good time to be alone. I'm glad you're finding some support via your blog, and I'm very sorry that you are in this depression. Please consider finding a therapist with whom you can visit frequently in order to build trust and be able to have an in-person outlet for some of your thoughts and feelings. Talk therapy has helped me immensely over the years.

    Please keep in mind what sounds like a trite saying: This too shall pass. Everything passes. Good stuff as well as the painful and bad stuff. Nothing lasts forever, and you can get through this time. Try to get out and do some walking...simple exercise can really help restore some biochemical balance and clear out the mental cobwebs, even if just for awhile. Hang in there and stay in touch.


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