Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Feeding frenzy!

No, not me! The swans.

I took this standing on one side of the quay looking right down on top of them. They gathered as I was standing there in hope of food. This was over two weeks ago when the weather was at its coldest and they were desperately hungry. (None of the pics have been edited in any way)

Then they suddenly all started swimming over to the other side - a couple of people had some bread for them.

I followed them by walking over the bridge. There were ducks in there as well. The blurry white things above them are seagulls.

You can just see the little bit of snow that we had. I decided to get right in amongst them. The orange thing in the corner is the carrier bag of the person feeding them.

This guy looks a little bashful!

The Bear was with me and on my instruction had brought some bread so I fed them. The Bear put down some museli, and was very miffed when they completely ignored it. Even the seagulls. The Seagulls were a darn nuisance and they swooped on me several times. Strangely I have noticed that both the ducks and seagulls are absent in darkness, so that's the best time to feed the swans. Where do they go at night time? One of lifes great mysteries!

On Monday I took the Bear to the emergency dentist. He waited of course until the pain was un-bear-able. I tried to persuade him to go sooner but no. He had to wait until it was an emergency. The *bears* didn't even bother to try with him; they know the score.

The dentist inspired no confidence - in me at least. He was such a will-o-the-wisp he was barely there at all. Very unusual. Most dentists are quite gung-ho. Very much in control of the situation. Projecting strength and calmness. Sometimes an over the top performance, presumably to distract you from the horror of it all. This guy was floating through it so much I was terrified he was going to take the wrong teeth out. Which would have been a disaster considering how few the Bear has left. 

Anyway, the Bear is now down 2 teeth. While most people would be upset at the loss, he feels no such qualms. In fact he lied a bit to get two taken out. The canine which was just a stump really did need extracting. The one next door to it would have lasted longer - though how long no-one can tell. And I don't even think it was hurting. Certainly he never mentioned it before that day. But he decided to have it out to save going back.

This is starting to sound a bit horrific. Or if you're in America, possibly you just think this is British dentistry. Really though it is the Bear's unwillingness to go to the dentist.

I have to say that if you are in a *shaky* mental state, it is probably better not to go to the dentist and witness teeth being pulled. Even if they are someone else's. I suffered some moments afterwards when I felt I was going to a bad place again, but managed to pull myself out of it quite swiftly. Lucky I had booked to see my healer later that day which prevented any further problems on that score.

I did ask the Bear if his girlfriend could accompany him but he said no. Of course she needs to see the dentist too. Two of her crowns (on the top at the front - could it be worse?) have fallen out. She is very visibly gappy right now. I cannot understand why she does nothing about it - they only need to be stuck back on/in. The *bears* think a tube of superglue would easily fix it. No doubt I will be taking her to the dentist soon as well. *Sigh*.

I have been given two blog awards! This from outdoor mom at Yaak Adventures

And this one from Sheilagh at Sixty by Sixty

Thank you so much ladies! I totally do not deserve them! I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself for the latter, but this post is long enough already so I'll leave it until next time.

I am still catching up with my blog reading, so if I haven't got round to your's, I'll be there soon! Two weeks is a loooong time in blogland so it's taking me a while ...


  1. Life must be hard for wildlife during the exceptionally cold winter you guys are having over there.

    Can I just say that The Bear is very lucky to have you as a friend! Coincidentally, I have just come home from the dentist, I had to get a broken filling repaired - $240! Ouch! My dentist is a big brawny bloke, you are right about dentists being take-charge kinda people. He was very gentle and efficient though, thank goodness.

    I'm glad you're sounding more positive, and I'm glad you're getting outside. Keep it up!

  2. wow. amazing photos of the ducks.

  3. those pictures are lovely... I know the dentist is a pain but on the brite side, you got out of the house.

    You are toooo funny about the bear's girlfriend and superglue. Perhaps you could give her a chicklete. Do you know what chicklettes are?

  4. First time I've ever heard of someone having an extra tooth taken out because they didn't want to come back later, lol. I love the pics!! I bet you had a lovely time out and about with all the lovely birds! Glad you got in to see your healer, too. :)

  5. That was a fun post, whether or not it was so intentionally. You do have a good heart and a good sense of humor. The swans are beautiful and the Bear is hilarious. It's a good thing you're around for these types of emergencies.

  6. Wow! Great photos :-) What a deal taking your friend to the dentist! I admit, i did't take watching a Dr try and get somthing out of my husbands eye well. nurse or no nurse, its not the same when its your family! I don't think i'd have enjoyed the tooth ordeal. When i read 2 teeth, at first i thought thats how many he had left - lol!!

    Have yourself a beary great day! It is good to laugh - it always feels better and makes the scene less horrendous. Hmm.... you may not want to view my upcoming post (well just know the teeth in the picture are pretend ones);-)

  7. These bird photoraphs are really amazing. Thanks for sharing them here, I'm not surprised by these awards, I think you deserve them. Congratulations!

  8. hello dear i am very glad that you are having beautiful time out ,thanks for sharing such great pics i can imagine how much peace you felt with them,in a peaceful evening looking at the bunch of beautiful birds who really need you in that moment ,it brings strang satisfaction to the soul.i truly believe that you really deserive these awards because you are in blogger world for a reason and it is that you have dinamic mind and precious heart to share ,have a lovly life dear congrdulation again

  9. The awards are well-deserved, BF. I'm loving that you're posting pictures these days. And your post was light and very funny in places. I hope this means you are continuing to emerge from the darker place.

    I'm dental phobic myself, so understand Bear's reluctance to have to go back. It takes every bit of will I can muster to get to the dentist. Take care - great to be hearing from you!

  10. Gooodie, my bearfriend is back!! YEA!!!! I LOVE the swan pics! Thanks for posting them! Good to read a post from you! You have been missed!

  11. Loved the pictures! Beautiful!
    I have a bit of a dental phobia myself, so I can understand the procrastination part. However, I also do not like pain, so I don't usually wait too long in such cases. I do ask for extra novacaine though!:-)
    Congrats on the awards! Well deserved!

  12. Those photos are amazing - you can practically feel the hunger can't you! I hate seagulls, they're so aggressive and greedy. Except for muesli apparently!
    I sympathise with the dentist trip, not a fun destination even if you're not the one in the chair! You're such a good friend.
    By the way, I've been meaning to answer your whey protein question and keep forgetting - I order all my protein from the website, they sell flavoured and unflavoured 'impact whey protein' I think its called. The raspberry one is horrible IMO - avoid that one!!!

  13. Loved my first time visit to your blog.
    Those were some really nice pictures. Loved the way they swam in a particular formation.
    We used to be like them at our school canteen... lol
    Have a wonderful day!


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