Thursday, 28 January 2010

Snowpeople, a walk through the town, and an Elephant!

When the snow came everyone immediately went out and built a snowman. Obviously. Most snowman are a little chubby. But this guy is in pretty good shape.
Ever seen a snowlady? You can see her perfect lips and even eyelashes - she's wearing mascara! The scarf was very pretty with roses and gold thread running through it. After the snowlady melted someone put it over a railing. The Bear *snaffled* it for me as a little souvenir!
I have been trying to think of 7 things about me for the award I received from Sheilagh. It was bl**dy difficult to dredge anything up!

My favourite film used to be Amadeus. I have watched it a hundred times probably. I don't know what my favourite film is these days.

My favourite drink used to be whisky or Amaretto + Bacardi + orange juice. But these days I prefer just neat Amaretto.

Despite lackadaisical attention to brushing I have no fillings in my teeth. A dentist told me 20 years ago I would never need any fillings and so far he is right. I do have an acid erosion problem though and have had several teeth covered in plastic to prevent further damage.

I make lace - or at least I used to before my hands got bad with psoriasis. Strangely enough, despite all my education, this little hobby (or waste of time as I often think of it) is possibly the biggest chance I have of ever earning any money again. I mean in the sense of teaching it in adult ed classes. Not that the money would be great due to the limited number of hours. I make Bucks Point lace for those in the know. I had also started learning Honiton lace before I had to give it up.

I went to art college before I did my degree. It was very hard work! Probably the hardest most consistent work I have ever done. And done while my mother was dying of cancer, my father had a cancer scare and my family were utterly opposed to me studying art and let me know it at every possible opportunity. Pressure or what?

I need salt! One summer night I was unable to sleep at all. I didn't know what the matter was. At last I got up and went to the salt jar. I ate two teaspoons of salt. I felt my whole body relax and say "Aaaahhhh!" I got back into bed and went straight to sleep.

Most special TV show ever (historical) - Fame! I was allowed to stay up specially late to watch it. I haven't seen it since then so I don't know how I'd find it now. But to me at that time it was My Dream. I've seen the film several times in adulthood but it's a lot sadder than the series.
Next time I really must tackle the Elephant in the room - my eating. Am I looking like an elephant? Yes! And I really want to eat better, but so far it hasn't happened. I am slowly making adjustments - eating a proper evening meal to prevent snacking. Trying to make a few better choices. But I am very unhappy with where I am on this. I am overeating, but not bingeing (thankfully) so far this year. My recent mental drop out didn't result in any mad eating. Just too many carbs at every single meal. I have not cared too much what I have been eating or how much. I just ate what I felt like and what I had in. But I am ready for change on this now. Enough bad eating already!
Walking through the streets at night. The entrance to Cathedral close with iron bridge dated 1815 connecting a walkway that runs across the top of the medieval city wall (origins of wall are Roman).

The city centre is built on (1st century) Roman foundations. The city was razed to the ground a thousand years ago and rebuilt by the Normans. But the Roman foundations are still there. The earliest parts of the buildings you can see on the right here are probably 13th century.

Cathedral built by the Normans in 12th and 13th century.

Medieval buildings on the right against Georgian stuccoed splendor on the left.


  1. how peaceful it would have felt to walk on these streets ,I wish i could do the same , some times silence around u helps to meet with ur self ,I loved those snow people , The one in 1st pic looks like is tired and may be waiting for some one, I would not forget feelings of these thoughtful and peaceful pics for a long time.I am very very sorry for ur parents , may be they wanted u to stick around. You know that much salt is far just than unhealthy for a person,I sometimes take a half tea spoon with water when My B.P becomes quite low,I happens cause I have anemia.I know so many people here who make enough money with their handicrafts.

    Wishing u very very best of luck for ur each single wish in life,and I bet u will do it.Take care

  2. That was a very interesting post. I liked the facts you revealed about yourself, like that lace making. Who would have thought? The photographs are beautiful. Thank you for including them. Don't worry about the eating right now. You are not binging. That's great!

  3. What beautiful photos of the city! I feel like I should recognise the city but I don't so can I ask where it is?
    I'd say moving from binging to overeating is a big step in the direction of health - that's much easier to 'fix' when you're ready to. You just need to get your mind in the right place, you can't force it but it will come!
    Do you have any pictures of any of the lace you've made? I'd love to be that creative!

  4. Wow. Those pictures were all so pretty. The Snowman looked really cute. The streets look just wonderful. I would love to take a walk here alone. I have always appreciated ancient civilizations. I adore their buildings and streets rather than those built today. Thank you for this wonderful post...:)

  5. Very interesting facts and beautiful photos - thank you for sharing. :o)

  6. Bearfriend! I totally want an invite to come visit, as your town is really lovely. Lots of history and beautiful interesting architecture...and water!

    You're sounding good these days. Interesting facts - Amadeus was a fantastic movie, but I've only seen it once! I still remember the laugh! And bitter Salieri. I need to rent that. I forgot you had some art background and at one time were thinking of going to a place to possibly re-engage with that. Maybe?

    It's great to hear from you and see these pictures.

  7. Bear Friend what beautiful picture of the city and the historical info. You're so lucky to live in such a rich surroundings. What a lovely place to take an evening walk and thanks again for brining your camera. It's like a personal tour. Thanks for sharing. I've so wanted to know where you call home for the longest.

    Also, what interesting facts about your talents... lace making and art. Do you paint or sketch?

  8. What??? Pics of skinny snowmen but no pics of your handmade lace????? That must be corrected pronto!! lol

    I love, love, love the photos of the architecture. Such a treasure to live amongst it.

    And you haven't binged the whole month??? That is phenomenal news!! Brilliant!! That is a huge victory....I'm very, very proud of you. Be proud of yourself as well. :)

  9. My mother use to make "snow dogs" believe it or not... as a kid they were big enough I could pretend that I was riding them.

    Foolsfitness gave you the happy blogger award!- Alan

  10. Great city photos. Where is it?

  11. That was an interesting 7 things, I must say. I am glad I am not the only one who has trouble coming up with "unique" things when asked that (I was even asked about that at a job interview once... AIII!) The pictures are nice, and you have a new (to you) scarf!


  12. Great pictures, and facts. I'd love to see the lace photos as well.

    Regarding the elephant, that's great you haven't binged this year - well done! I hope you're proud of yourself. Like you I hope that the rest will come, in small steps.

  13. I love making snowmen. All the snow we got wasn't good quality snowman making snow. Hopefully we'll get some the next time.

    All those white carbs are the hardest for me to control. I find that once I start eating them I find it hard to stop. Focus on the positives steps.

  14. Ohhh..the pictures are so nice..i really envy your:P


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