Saturday, 23 January 2010

A walk down by the canal

A couple of weeks ago, when the snow was fresh on the ground, the Bear wanted to go for a walk down by the canal so he could photograph it while it was frozen. When I met up with him he had his tripod in a wheel-along bag and several cameras hanging about his person. He meant business!

We walked along the quay and it looked so beautiful in that special winter sunshine. I wanted to keep taking photos along the way, which irritated the Bear no end. Because you know he is the photographer, not me. And he was set on his destination as being a spot some way down the canal where there are no buildings. Because he only photographs nature and anything built by humans is an offence to his delicate artistic sensibility.

There was anger and cross words every time I paused to capture a sight. I was under pressure to do it as quickly as I could to avoid making his temper even worse. After all, he would miss the light if I didn't get a move on ....

Standing on the quay looking down the river

Just beyond the lock so the water was not frozen here

Looking across the canal and river (they run parallel)

And back towards town

Further down the canal where it was frozen

The spot chosen by the Bear

By the time we reached the spot I was pretty pissed off with his attitude. Although it is typical really. Only he counts; only his photographs count.

We had walked past all the interesting sights on the quay, canal basin and boatyard to get to a place I considered really boring.

Normally, I would stand about there offering support in any way I could and suggesting good angles and ideas to him.

But this time was different. The day before I had forced myself out on my own in daylight in the snow to take some photos so I could show them to you. These were the first photos I had taken in over 15 years. The first time I used my camera phone which I got over 6 months ago. But as you know I find it difficult getting out in daylight so I was a little too late and hadn't really got many shots in good light. And the camera phone is very basic and can't handle low light at all well.

So I appreciate my teddy Bear wanting to be out and about with me - though he just wanted me there for moral support - because it enabled me to get out at a decent hour. Even though he was a grumpy Bear. But then he usually is.

I had to get my own shots. I couldn't let the opportunity go by. So I felt bad about it, but I left him there and walked back getting the photos of the boatyard I wanted.



  1. Outside again! Well done. Lovely pics. Gosh it looks cold, though! And good for you, sticking up for yourself. Doesn't hurt to remind the Bear that the Universe does not, in fact, revolve around him!

  2. i love the pictures too, well done :)

  3. I like your eye! Glad you enjoyed your walk for you.

  4. Good for you...going back to get the shots you wanted. They're really nice bearfriend. It gives me great joy knowing you're out and about. Isn't taking pictures fun!!!

    Thank you for sharing. I've longed wanted to see pics of where you live. Any chance we can see pics of the Bear? Sorry just very curious.

  5. You take greta pictures! You have a definite eye for composition, I hope you'll be keeping up with it and sharing more with us? Its good motivation for getting out and about too, if you get into it! I've always loved photos with water, any kind of water - rivers, canals, ponds, lakes, oceans...
    Out of interest, after all the fussing and grumping did The Bear's photos come out well too??? I think you did choose some more interesting scenes myself...

  6. Wow. They are really nice. Glad you got back to the boatyard to take those wonderful shots. I liked Bear's spot too.
    Nature is really beautiful though. And it seems to be cold. You guys better have some more protection from it the next time you are out.
    Have a nice day:)

  7. Your photos are really beautiful and so interesting to look at. Good for you for taking care of your own needs and doing it your way too. It is nice the two of you went together, but you have your opinions too and from the looks of it, you are a very good photographer. Glad you went out for a walk.

  8. i felt deep and thought ful peace in your pics like life is trying to find out the real source of joy agin which can be more strong and reason able,i am really glad that you are with you now ,the Spot was breath taking,and boat yard was talking about lots of journys of life which is only for once and can leave us in any moment,what a amazing chance of discovering universe and our ablities of survoivals in any condition, have a blessed life dear

  9. I'd change the title of the blog to: Life Without the Bear.

    You are ready to get out of his shadow.

  10. That last comment made me smile....either that title, or Bear Who? lol You ARE ready to get out of his shadow...and you proved that by walking away and taking your own BEAUTIFUL pics!! Very proud of you, and glad you got out again! :)

  11. men can be cantankerous! the photos are beautiful

  12. you are very right beauty of every thing is hidden in the most amazing and most important thing which is Balance ,rain is my friend but if comes often and disturbe my routine life i would definetly not count it in my friends list,i find the most wonderful gift of dear god which awakes me every morning with its soft life giving touch and tells that Your time starts now go get your life before i leave you with dark night,i studied about the weather effects on people 's mental and phycial health if it is not sunny for long it is very harmful for us it makes our blood thick which cause headeac, anzity and lazyness .if you dont mind i would request to move on towards a place where sun shines mostly,it will healp you discover real you ,if i said much please forgive me,best of luck for your each step towards LIFE...

  13. you know what my friend ,when you think and say that i should publish my work,i fell so embarrassment on my thought about my writing actually i write whatever comes in my head that time and after finishing i often think should i click to PUBLISH your post,i feel lucky the way you think and suggest,take care

  14. Your photos are wonderful - you live in a beautiful location! I love water, boats - etc...reminds me of where I grew up, which was all boats and water - between Tampa Bay and the gulf of Mexico - so pretty much water and bridges everywhere you looked. But no where near as scenic and peaceful as your place.

    Good for you for venturing off on your own and not being squelched by Bear's selfishness. You deserve better. It has to be good for you to be getting out so much. I hope you're feeling as good as your pictures suggest!

  15. This is truly art. I love the pics and i am glad you went out! Nature is so healing!

  16. oh!oh!oh!...really like the snow..been praying to be in a place where i can rest my whole body in it..thanks for the pictures:D thanks for sharing:)

  17. The photographs are great, you did a good job away from Grumpy Bear. At least he got you out and about, so I guess he served his function in that way. I wonder what his photographs looked like? Not nearly as interesting I bet.

  18. hello dear , I replied to ur e-mail , I hope u received it.Take care

  19. You got some great shots. I really love the second to last one of the ice on the boat. I'm glad you left the Bear and did what you wanted to do. It sounds like you are getting stronger and stronger. Keep it up!

  20. I,ve never seen such beautiful photos of a canal in my whole life. I'm grateful that by sharing these photos you gave me a chance to view these scenes while I,m sitting thousands of miles away in my house in Lahore.

    Thank you very much!

  21. Bearfriend,

    I'm back again to see these amazing photos once more. All photos are wonderful but my favorite is the 5th one for it shows fewer view of buildings.

    Because just like your Bearfriend I also prefer nature photography.

    Thanks once more.


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